• Available Data

    Since 1971, the Petroleum Act were first promulgated on April 23 to promote exploration and production by companies under appropriate measures and enact a special law on gains from the operation. The first bidding round for petroleum concessions was announced on September 13, 1971. International oil companies
    were first invited to explore for hydrocarbons in Thailand in 1971. The past 23 licensing rounds have met with considerable success, enabling the Kingdom to reduce its imports by approximately one third.

    Until today, Tertiary strata have clearly been a prime target for petroleum exploration in Thailand. The reason is that many of the petroleum deposit already found are of Tertiary Basin. Over 60, in terms of Cenozoic basins, are reported widely distributed throughout the country. Not only Tertiary layers, but pre-Tertiary strata have become more interesting, as more petroleum reservoirs recently found were trapped in older horizons than Tertiary strata.

    The available data combines all data for workstation-ready. It is original data received from companies according to Petroleum Act B.E. 2514 (1971) and amended. This Available Data includes 2D and 3D seismic data, associated reports, velocity data and petroleum well data.

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