24th Bidding Round Conference

  • Invitation to the 24th Bidding Round Conference of Thailand 27 July 2022 l Bangkok, Thailand (Virtual Event)

    Dear Sirs,


    It is with the honourable opportunities adjacent with great pleasure that the Department of the Mineral Fuels would like to officially invite to the 24th Bidding Round Conference to be launch especially for the 24th Bidding Round for Oil and Gas Fields; The three offshore exploration blocks included G1/65 G2/65 and G3/65, in the Gulf of Thailand under PSC regime.

    The conference is subjecting to the Ministry of Energy announcement subject: rules, procedures and conditions in the application, consideration, and award of their rights to be a production sharing contractor for exploration blocks in the Gulf of Thailand (24th Bidding Round)

    This event will be marked by the director general of the Department of the Mineral Fuels. The conference will be held on 27 July 2022 (09.30 am of local time) in the form of online virtue.

    Registration will be made exclusively online at attached QR code. Participants experiencing difficulties with the online registration are invited to have an assistance at Petreleumbidding@dmf.go.th

    Further information of the bidding event and the virtue conference included details of registration are published on the official bidding site. (https://dmf.go.th/public/list/data/index/menu/1286/groupid/38)

    The department would be appreciated whether the conference reservations have made by 23 July 2022.

    Confirmation of the applicants will be notified straightforward to in person email entered in the registration form.


    Sincerely Yours,

    Department of the Mineral Fuels, Ministry of Energy of Thailand

    QR code for Registration.

    QR code for Terms and conditions of the conference.

  • Terms and condition for Online Registration

    1. QR Code of Application Form for the 24th Bidding Round Conference 

    2. Terms and Conditions of Registration:
    Participants wishes to attend the 24th Bidding Round Conference: to be held on 27 July 2022 via Online Channel, must register at QR code attached herewith, it will promptly process through the registration system organised by Department of Mineral Fuels, Ministry of Energy of Thailand on behalf of the Royal Thai Government.

    Please acknowledge that the following Terms and Conditions for Registration may be subject to change without notice.

    - All participants are required to register via the official sites access via the QR code set forth herein. 
    - All data entered in the registration form on behalf of a participant is processed under the assumption that the individual’s consent to submit their information was obtained. It will be used only for event’s related objectives.
    - All personal information is protected under the provision of the Royal Thai Government. 
    - Department of the Mineral Fuels retains the right to refuse any registrations and participants are responsible to comply with any access requirements and security measures put in place at the event period.
    - There are free of charge for in person registration attendance, virtually access to the conference and the digital relevant materials will directly notify to participants approved by the Department. 
    - Any request for cancellation and substitution of the confirmed participant must be sent to the following e-mail address: PetroleumBidding@dmf.go.th
    - Cancellation is prohibited until 25 July 2022, and participants will be noted by the Department as official acknowledgement.
    - Alternatively for cancellation,  whether confirmed participants cannot  physically attend the virtual conference, they may opt to assign the right only to the authenticated participants.
    - Participant changes will become effective on the date of official written acknowledgement from the Department being received.

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